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Welcome to l’École du Maître !


The biblical training and spiritual life formation “École du Maître” (School of the Master) is free and open to everyone.


Free, because we want to offer this biblical and spiritual life formation without the cost being an obstacle for the servants of God who want to work in the Church and the missionary field.


Open to all, because biblical truth should be offered to all without distinction of race, nationality or creed (see Romans 1:13-17).


The School of the Master is also a service that we offer to the Churches of Christ throughout the French speaking world. We owe this training in large part to the work of Doyle Kee, scholar of the Scriptures, preacher and missionary, as well as the tireless work of his wife Barbara.


Do not hesitate to contact us for all your questions concerning our biblical training and spiritual life formation at


The Director and professors of “École du Maître”

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